Adorable Soap Favors

Need a fun favor idea for any kind of occasion?  Get ready for some pretty soap favors that are as unique as your special day is. Soaps make wonderful wedding reception favors for guests and are incredibly practical, even better, they can be customized to suit almost any event you can think of as you’ll see below.  Here is a submission from Shari on her gorgeous creations.

Submitted by Shari Brown


White dove soap favors



I can help you create just the right soap favor for your wedding. Send your idea and I will do my best to come up with a design perfect for your event.


Beach Soap Favors
My favors are designed to keep the embedded design/art intact even as you use up the soap.


The design does not go away once you use the soap like many soaps on the market do, but only when you get to the end where it will melt away too!   

Clear Bags and Satin Ribbon to bag your favors always available at
minimal costs to you.




Wedding Soap Favors


Get More Information on These Soap Favors. Or Visit Shari via her Twitter @Pureheartsoap


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