Beach Theme Wedding Favors

Find some unique and very creative beach theme wedding favors for your wedding or a festive beach party. Whether you choose to have your wedding by the sea or simply want to infuse the “by the sea” feeling into your reception, below you’ll find some wonderful ideas that you can incorporate into your party.

Decorate your tables with some beach favors and give your guests a special treat that they can remember your day with.


Beach Theme Wedding Favors


beach theme wedding favors

1. Coastal Beach Cottages from Flower Junky

2. Glittery Starfish from Shabby Vintage Shop

3. Keepsake Beach Wedding Ornaments from I Do Artsy Weddings

Bring order to your reception tables with these unique little coastal cottages. Use them to show guests where they will sit and create an instant table decoration as well. Guests can take them home as a favor.

Glittery starfish can be laid out on tables with thank you messages or scattered by your dessert table to add some sparkle. The unique beach wedding ornament above is made from a sea urchin! Wrap them in cellophane and place on tables for your wedding guests to take home and hang on their doorknob or from their tree at Christmas time.


beach theme wedding favors

1. Do It Yourself Favor Kits from Indigotwin Weddings

2. Chocolate Seashell Lollipops from Rosebud Chocolates

3. Beach Wedding Paper Confetti from Frasizzle

Use the Do It Yourself Favor kits above to make your own special favor bags to customize your wedding favors. Fill them up with cocoa mix, birdseed, flower seeds, teabags, chocolates or anything else you think your guests might enjoy.

When in doubt, just give them candy! These chocolate lollipops shaped like a pretty seashell will make the perfect treat for a beach themed wedding or just excellent party favors. Place them on each guests place setting, or bunch them up and arrange in a short vase for picking.

Paper confetti is perfect for throwing on your reception tables. All you need is a floral centerpiece and then spread the starfish and sand-dollar confetti to add color and decor to your tables.


Florida Key Lime Cake Truffle Favors

Florida Key Lime Cake Truffle Favors from Simply Divine Desserts

Go all out with your beach wedding with some Key Lime cake truffles. These will make some delicious favors that will fit right in with the beach wedding theme.


beach wedding favors

1. Sea Glass Soap Favors from Latika Soap

2. Vintage Glass Bottles from Amazon

Give your family and friends something to remember your special day. These fresh scented soaps are shaped to look just like sea glass. Delight your guests with a whimsical reminder of the beach.

Use some colorful, vintage looking bottles filled with flowers to use as table centerpieces. Add different sizes and display them in groups of three to add eye-popping color to tables. Your guests can take them home at the end of the night. Another idea for these is to create a “message in a bottle” decoration. Fill them with sand and place a message in each one.


Beach theme wedding favors

1. Seashell Soap on a Rope Favors from Dope on a Rope Soap

2. Beach Clothespin Party Favors from BeachGurl Boutique

3. Tropical Shell Candles from My Windansea

Here are some more beach favors you’ll love to give away or keep for yourself. 🙂 The seashell shaped soap on a rope can be given to your reception guests as favors! Your guests will love to use them or simply add them to their bathroom for that “beachy” charm.

These beach clothespins have been handpainted and distressed to give them a shabby look, they’ll fit right in with a beach reception. Use them to cinch goody bags full of candy or to serve as informal place cardholders.

Try decorating your tables with seashell candles to set the mood for a wonderful evening. These will also make great favors that guests will adore lighting at home.


Seashell sugar cubes

1. Seashell Sugar Cubes from Wishingwell Art and Gifts

Add a sea theme to your coffee station at the reception/party by adding some unique sugar cubes shaped just like seashells! You could also use these cuties to create a small, custom gift bag with hot chocolate, a tea mix, etc. that your guests can enjoy later.

Beach Wedding Magnets and Mints

1. Surfboard Magnets from Seagypsy’s

2. Starfish Shaped Mints from Say It So Sweetly

3. Seashell Magnets from UnconventionalJ

If you’re planning a wedding with a surfing or beach theme then these adorable surfboard magnets will be excellent favors. These can be customized with your names and wedding date.

Starfish cream cheese mints, yummy! Leave a bowl full of these on your reception tables for everyone to munch on while they chat and enjoy the wedding or beach party.

These unique seashell magnets are also perfect for your wedding or to use as party favors for that special event. Refrigerator magnets are incredibly useful and perfect for hanging up lists on the fridge.


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