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Bottle Cap Magnet Wedding Favors

Do you want some magnet wedding favors for your wedding reception? Here’s how you can create a unique wedding favor magnet out of a bottle cap. If you’re not feeling particularly crafty, you can also buy the gorgeous custom magnets below, click on photos for more details. They are all different!

The great thing about these magnet favors is that nearly everyone can use them who has a fridge, so they are very practical and best of all, they are custom made! They will work any time of year, you just need to tailor them to your wedding theme.

bottle cap magnet wedding favors
Bottle Cap Magnet Wedding Favors by Cheryl @ SimplyCBoutique


Bottle Cap Magnet Wedding Favors Tutorial

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Wedding Favor Magnets

* 1 inch craft punch
* Cardstock
* Small paintbrush
* Gluestick
* Modge Podge
* Resin or High gloss finish sealant
* Scissors
* Magnets
* Bottle caps
* E-6000 Craft Glue or your choice of strong craft glue
* Clippings of whatever you want to embed in the magnet

bottle cap magnet wedding favors
Bottle Cap Favor by Cheryl @ SimplyCBoutique

Once you have all of your supplies ready, you need to punch out your 1 inch circles from your clippings. This is where you can get pretty creative and use whatever your wedding theme is about. It could be hearts, a romantic quote (as long as it fits!) or even something simple like the word “Love.”

Take your card stock and punch out a circle using the craft punch. Add glue to the back of your clipping and adhere to the card stock. Trim as needed so it will fit your bottle cap.

Take your small brush and dip it in your modge podge glue and add it to bottle cap. Place your clipping or image on the cap and lightly press down.

Dip your brush again and generously add more of the modge podge to your image and the interior of bottle cap. Let them dry for about a day. In the tutorial she suggests that you cover them to prevent dust from falling on top and getting stuck permanently which is a good idea.

bottle cap wedding favors
Bottle Cap Favor by Kathy @ PutACapOnIt1


Note: These above are not magnets but they would still make great favors! They are flattened bottle caps and have such a pretty polished look.

After they are completely dry use the High Gloss finish sealant and add to your bottle caps to cover clippings completely. Once dry, add your magnets with strong glue to the back!

Many thanks to Inspire Wire Blog for creating this fantastic video to make magnet favors! Visit her blog to see how they came out.

bottle cap magnet wedding favors
Bottle Cap Favor by Jenn @ WildAppleDesign

I love the little saying on this one!

Use your magnet wedding favors to give as gifts so your guests will always have something special to remember your day.

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