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Country Western Chocolate Wedding Favors

Are you ready for a camping/outdoor wedding adventure? Add some of these country western chocolate wedding favors to your reception to knock the socks off your guests and give them something fun to look forward to when they go home with these cool mouthwatering kits.


How to Make an Easy Wedding Favor in a Bottle


Country Western Chocolate Wedding Favors
Chocolate Mint S’More Love Camping Favor
Photo Credit: DaSweetZpot on Etsy

So who can resist the rich and yummy goodness of chocolate? I know of very few people who will say no to it! How about you? If you are planning a wedding reception and would love to incorporate chocolate into your theme (or just to give guests a sumptuous treat) then choose either a fun chocolate S’more mix or trail mix for your tables.


Country Western Chocolate Wedding FavorsTrail Mix

These will make wonderful favors for either camping themes, country/western themes or garden and outdoor venues.

Are you ready to infuse some flavor into your wedding party? Tasty chocolates or tasty trail mix should do the trick.

How to Make Them

Take some clean mason jars and fill with marshmallows, chocolates and graham crackers. Seal with a top and then tie with a ribbon to match your wedding theme. It’s that easy and your wedding guests will enjoy munching on them or might just pick up more to take for the road home! Add a custom country themed tag or some cute cowboy boot stickers to make it more rustic.


Country Western Chocolate Wedding Favors

* Display them on your tables
* Use trail mix as snacks for guests to eat while waiting
* Place on the dessert table
* Use them in gift baskets for your bridal party


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