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Cupcake in a Jar Favors

 Cupcake in a jar favors are perfect gifts if you’re looking for something really unique for your wedding bash. Below you’ll find some really tasty looking treats that you can add to your reception tables and use as a wonderful favor that will tempt the taste buds of your party goers.

Are you ready for some delectable treats? See some of the top picks below and get ready to impress with these creative cupcake presentations.



Tie Dye Cupcake in a Jar Favors




Tie Dye Cupcake In a Jar Favors

{Tie Dye Cupcake in a Jar Favors from Bundle’s Bake Shop}


These delicious looking tie dye cupcake in a jar gifts will make the perfect favor for friends and family. Use them as a special welcome to out of town guests. The mixed colors are perfect for a spring or summer time wedding treat.

The labels on the jars can also be customized per request.


16 Ounce Cupcake in a Jar Favors



Cupcake in a jar favor

{Custom Cupcake in a Jar Favors from ThePoshNosh}


Your wedding guests will have fun eating these right out of the jar. They’ll also remember you and your partner’s special day. You can also have the frosting and white cake colored to match your wedding theme.


Carrot Cake


Cupcake in a Jar Favors

{Carrot Cake in a Jar from Old Time Favorites}


Do you love carrot cake? Get ready for a delicious homemade treat. These come packaged in 8 ounce jars and are just the right size for wedding favors. This will be great any time of year and especially for fall. Love!



Cupcake in a Jar Wedding Favors

{Pretty Cupcake Treats in a Jar from Rocky Coast Cakery}


You can choose your flavor to fit the event. Available by the 1/2 dozen.



Cupcake in a Jar Favors

{Snow White Jar Cakes from Bundle’s Bake Shop}



Even more tasty goodness that’s perfect for winter or white themed weddings.



Outdoor/Country Cupcake in a Jar Favors

{Delicious Smores In a Jar from ThePoshNosh}



How about some Smores in a jar for a country or outdoorsy themed wedding? This is a fun way to incorporate the outdoors into your wedding without all the mess.


Pink Lemonade Cupcake in a Jar

{Pink Lemonade Jar Cupcakes from Old Time Favorites}


A smaller take on the old jar stuffed with cupcakes with a lemony twist.



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