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Firefighter Wedding Favors

Are you planning a wedding or party with the firefighter theme? See some of the top firefighter wedding favors and party ideas below and pick your favorites to give as gifts for friends and family.

This theme can work well for an outdoor or garden ceremony. Use any of the cute favors to create a lovely wedding reception or party.


Firefighter Wedding Favors



Firefighter Wedding Favors



1. Fire Engine Lollipops from Candied Cakes

2. Firetruck Cookies from The Wacky Cookie Company

3. Favor Boxes from the Tom Kat Studio

4. Fire Fighter Cross Bottle Openers from Button Divas


If you want some gifts that people can actually enjoy on your day then give useful items such as food! The firetruck cookies can be personalized to suit your event and they’ll look stunning wrapped up and displayed on tables. Fill the favor boxes with anything from lollipops, candies, chocolates or something else that has meaning to you.

Add a few button bottle openers to an arrangement so guests can take home later.





Firefighter Theme Candies and Boxes



Firefighter wedding favors


1. and 2. Fire Theme Chocolate Lollipops from SandiPopLollies

3. Firetruck Favor Box from Favor Makers


Favor boxes in the shape of firetrucks, this is so unique and colorful. You can use it to hold some yummy treats like chocolates or even place by the main greeting table to hold some mints or candies for reception guests to take.



Firefighter Wedding Favors To Go



Firefighter Wedding Favors


1. and 2. Fire Theme Cookie Cutters via Amazon

3. Fire Truck Theme Favor Bags from Karma Expressions


You can use cookie cutters as favors too. Add a red ribbon to each one or use them to make your own cookies. Fill some favor bags with them and add a thank you tag.


More Yummy and Colorful Firefighter Party Favors


Firefighter wedding favors


1. Firetruck Cupcake Decorations from The Birthday House

2. Firetruck Crayons from My Little Otter

3. Firefighter/Truck Favor Bag Tags from Kidfully Celebrations

4. Fire Hydrant Cookies from A Cookie Jar


Crayons? Yes! Have you ever gone to a wedding to see how bored children are? Crayons will be perfect little gifts for them to play with. Add plain, white butcher paper to the kids tables so they can color and have a bit of fun. Even adults love to draw and can join in.

You can place the cupcake toppers in your homemade or custom cupcakes or place them in flower arrangements on the tables.






More Hot Ideas for Favors



Firefighter Wedding Favors



1. Fire Fighter Signs for Decorations

2. Dalmation Dot Firetruck Cupcake Mix from Favor Box Bakery

3. and 4. Firetruck Theme Ornaments via Amazon


What a great idea! Here’s a delicious single cupcake mix that wedding guests can take home and enjoy (#2.). The label can be personalized with your names and wedding date. Your guests will remember this little gift and love it.

You can also use signs to decorate a dessert table or give some ornaments as gifts or place one on your wedding cake!




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