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Halloween Wedding Favor Centerpiece

This wonderful Halloween Wedding Favor Centerpiece creation comes from Cassi over at While you might not think of it as your typical wedding favor, it can certainly be used as a centerpiece during your Halloween wedding!


Guests can then take them home with them as a temporary reminder of your nuptials and display it in their home for Halloween time. This looks like it’s super fun to make and you can prepare it the week of your wedding with your bridesmaids.


Halloween Wedding Favor Centerpiece Idea


Halloween Wedding Favor Centerpiece Ideas
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This is just the cutest idea ever! Can you imagine a couple of these sitting on your reception tables?


Making this Halloween Wedding Favor Centerpiece

You will need:

* White streamers
* Small amount of patch/putty
* Gourds of your choice
* Pins with a black head

Visit Cassi’s site to learn to make it…


Make a Sparkling Mummy


If you want something a little different or would like to try a more romantic looking mummy (if there is such a thing!) then how about adding some sparkles? Make him (or her) really stand out for your event, after all, it is Halloween right?

To do this, try picking out a white gourd and then coating it lightly with a matte decoupage glue using a craft brush. Be sure to protect your work surface with paper.

Next, lightly add some ultra fine glitter to give it a nice whimsical look. You could add the glitter in two ways. The first is by placing the gourd in a large pan and then sprinkling the glitter generously and tapping the excess off, repeat as needed to make sure it’s coated well.

The second way is to roll the gourd in the glitter and then just sprinkle on the rest that didn’t get coated due to its odd shape. Have some fun with this cool project for your tables.


Halloween Wedding Favor Ideas

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