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Homemade Wedding Favor Bookmarks

Looking for wedding favor bookmarks that are personalized? They are incredibly simple to make on your own and they are also inexpensive.

If you want to give your guests a lovely keepsake that shows you put some thought and care into then try creating some easy bookmarks from scratch that guests will enjoy for years to come.

You can create personalized favors that will be a wonderful keepsake and completely original and it’s a lot of fun too so get ready.

The Easy Steps to Make Your Own Wedding Favor Bookmarks

homemade wedding bookmarks

These bookmarks are made with a simple word document. So first open up Microsoft Word.
Click on your “Page Layout” tab and then set the orientation to landscape or horizontal.

This setting will easily allow you to place roughly 4 bookmarks on a single page. This will make cutting easier and you get the most for your money by using up the whole page.

The next step you will need to do is to click on insert and then choose a text box you like. The simpler the better because the inside is what will be personalized to anything you desire.

Step 2 for Homemade Wedding Favor Bookmarks

Once you have copied the bookmark, it will probably stick itself to the center of your page. This is fine as all you need to do is drag it to the left side of the page. Lengthen as desired and increase the width how you want it, a good length for a bookmark will take up almost the whole page.

A good width will be around 1 inch (give or take). Use the “show ruler” box to highlight the ruler so you can measure it if desired.

Step 3 for Homemade Wedding Favor Bookmarks

homemade wedding bookmarks

Next highlight the bookmark and then copy it. It may copy itself right on top of the first bookmark. If so, all you need to do is drag it in place next to the first one. Keep going until you are finished.

Once you have them arranged, you can easily add your own text in any font you want. You can add pictures of you and your beloved, baby pictures of the two of you, anything!

This is a great keepsake for any type of special event (not just a wedding) and it’s custom made you which makes it extra special and more thoughtful.

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