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Homemade Wedding Fridge Magnets

Here is an easy way to make your own homemade, wedding fridge magnets to give as gifts. This is a simple magnet tutorial to save some money on favors and this can provide years of enjoyment and use for your wedding guests and for you too!

Why will your party guests like this?
Homemade Wedding Fridge Magnets

They can take them home and use them on their refrigerator. Who can use a good magnet to hold up a grocery list? Pretty much everyone does!

One thing to keep in mind is that not everyone wants a gift that doesn’t have their own name on it. Instead you might want to use a short quote, phrase or a meaningful picture or even a drawing that represents your wedding or party theme.

How to Make Your Own Marble Wedding Fridge Magnets

how to make homemade wedding fridge magnets

To begin, you’ll need:

* Clear, flat back marbles/gems (Not iridescent/No luster)
* Strong magnet backs
* Small images less than an inch or the size of your marbles
* Clear liquid sealant (found by the tube in craft stores or hardware stores) (I used Liquid Nails-Indoor/Outdoor)

Notes: If you want to use a photo of you and your partner, then do not use photo quality paper. The photo paper will deteriorate against the sealant and your image will be ruined.

Instead, size your images to fit your flat marbles and then make copies of them via a color copier.

Making Save the Date Wedding Magnets?

The great thing about these magnets is you can personalize them in any way, so you can add text as well! You will need to measure your marbles to make sure that your text will print out to fit.

The Steps to Make Them

Prepare your text or images by using a word document or a photo program and modify the size. Start with a few pictures on a page, print them out and then find the ones that will fit your marbles the best. Copy them to fill up the entire page.

Wedding Favor Magnets

Step 1. Place a generous dollop of sealant right on top of your text/image.

Step 2. Place a clean, dry gem right on top of the dollop and press down lightly. It’s fine if it comes out from the sides, it just means that the paper is sealed in.

Step 3. Once it’s completely dry, take scissors and cut your image out. Use the gem as a guide and you’ll cut it out easily.

Step 4. Place metal tape on the back of your marble and make sure it sticks. Press around the edges to outline the marble. Trim as needed to make sure it doesn’t show from the front of the marble.

Step 5. Add a small dollop of glue to the back of your marble and place magnet on top. Press down lightly. Don’t put too much or it will seep out from the sides. Allow time to dry.

Homemade Wedding Fridge Magnets

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