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How to Make Cupcake Soap Favors

cucpake soap

Do you want to make cupcake soap as a wedding favor or just for fun? Take a look to see how you can make your own below, it’s easy, fun and you can give these pretty little “desserts” away as gifts for loved ones on any occasion.

This is also a great gift for Valentine’s Day to give to friends or special people in your life. They will make the perfect wedding favor too! Get ready to make some yummy looking soaps that look just like cupcakes!


How to Make Dessert Soap- A Tutorial


cucpake soap
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This tutorial is by Soap Queen TV and it shows you how to easily make your own soaps that look good enough to eat. It looks like it’s incredibly fun too! Imagine the look of surprise when you give these away as gifts wrapped in clear cellophane bags.


To make these Soap Cupcakes you’ll need the following supplies


For the cupcake base:

* Cupcake molds

* White Melt and Pour Soap or your favorite soap base

* Fragrance of your own choosing

* Vanilla color stabilizer (to retain color of base)

* 6 ml of canary lab color

* A spray bottle with rubbing alcohol added


For the top part/frosting part 

* White Melt and Pour Soap

* 8 tbsp of white/castile liquid soap

* 9 ml of Royal purple lab color

* Fragrance of your choice

* Jojoba beads (for sprinkles) /optional


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Check out the video to see exactly how to make them!




How to Make Cupcake Soap- The Book


Soap Making Book
Soapy Love Book

Get the book to learn how to make even more cute looking soaps to create some unique gifts and favors.

Cupcake Soap with Hearts


Here’s another fantastic tutorial to show you how to make more cupcake soaps with whimsical hearts on top!




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