Italian Wedding Favors

Get ready for an Italian themed wedding reception! Below are some wonderful snacks, bags, table numbers, yummy cookies, treats and more ideas to help inspire you.

Italian Wedding Favors

1. Italian themed pillow box from MarryMeVintageIrish Also check out more selections via Facebook.

2. International Table Numbers (featured is Italy) from TerraCosmos.

3. Italian Wedding Cookies from AmedeosBakery.

What better way to celebrate your Italian themed wedding with a reception table decorated with a touch of Italy. Here’s a delicious idea to try: add some delicious Italian wedding cookies to some beautiful favor bags or add candies to an lovely pillow box. This is a clever way to decorate and give your guests something to munch on while waiting for the festivities to begin.

The International Table Numbers are from TerraCosmos and they can be used to dress up your centerpieces or mark where your guests will be sitting. It’s the perfect way to keep your tables organized.

A Low Cost Wedding Favor Idea- Fresh Basil!

Fresh Basil Wedding Favor

The Cafe Sucrefarine shows you how to propagate these bad boys. This is a very inexpensive way to dress up your reception tables for your Italian themed wedding. What’s more Italian than fresh basil? It’s delicious, smells great and wonderful to add to fresh pasta and sauces. Add some colorful vases to hold them and include a small “thank you” card wrapped around the rim with some rafia and you’re all set!

I just love the simplicity of this, it’s something plant lovers will want to take home. Another idea is to include your own propagating instructions to the back of your “thank you” card. This way guests can make more of their own! It’s also perfect for a green themed wedding.

Learn how to make more of them from The Cafe Sucrefarine

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More Italian Wedding Favors

italian cookies, favor bags, water bottle labels

1. Italian Sugar Cookies from AnaPizzelle

2. Italian themed favor bags from MerryMarryMeVintageIrish View more creations on Facebook.

3. Italian themed water bottle labels from ASqueezeofLime

Blessed be the wedding with these tasty pizelles on the table! Wrap them up in some lovely custom favor bags with an Italian twist. Add an iced bucket full of chilled water bottles with your fancy Italian labels in the center of the table. It serves as a fun way to decorate and keep your guests refreshed and happy. This might be perfect for outdoor weddings as well.


1.Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Set from AltaCucina

2.Italian Flag and Wine Bottle Wedding Cookies from CookiesbyJoann

3.Silver Aluminum Number/Place card Holders from WhirlySwirl

Here’s another fun Italian themed favor idea that all guests will get use out of. Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic oil bottles can be placed in a basket at the center of your tables w/ thank you cards or perhaps affix your own wedding labels on them for a personal touch. The Italian flag and wine bottle cookies will look great on your dessert table or placed in clear bags for guests to munch on while waiting!

Show your guests where to sit w/ these metal place card holders that say “Amore.” These can be taken home and enjoyed for years. They’re convenient to hold photos and important notes, too!

Potted Plant Favors


Photo Credit: Miki Duisterhof

Here’s yet another green favor and a wonderful option for a country or Italian themed wedding. Create a special green gift with a touch of Italy by growing some herbs and then potting them up in tiny pots! You choose what you want to grow and then add a small Popsicle stick w/ a “Thank You” on it.

More Yummy Treats


1.Photo Credit: FoodGawker

2.Biscotti Cookies from Giasbiscotti

3.Strawberry, Lime and Basil Summer Punch from

The wedding wouldn’t be complete without the biscotti! Use them as favors or place them on the dessert table for those with a sweet tooth.

These caprese skewers with balsamic, mozarella, fresh basil and tomatoes all served up on a little platter will delight the taste buds of guests.

Add a punch bowl and fill it with this tasty recipe from This will be perfect for a summer wedding.

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