Nautical Favors

If you want some unique nautical favors that will help spread some sailor style charm to your wedding reception then how about decorating your tables with some little boxes or candy cups?

There are so many ways to decorate with a beach or nautical/sailor theme and this is just the start. What’s the best use for a treat box like this? Why candy or tasty cookies of course! This is a very creative way to decorate a box and it really stands out .

Nautical Favors
Cute Nautical Favors for Candies/Treats

Fill these pretty boxes with something yummy for your party guests to munch on while they wait for food or drinks. You can fill them with things such as nuts, cookies, crackers and candies.

Nautical Favors for Your Reception Tables

Ideas to Put them to Use

* Decorate your wedding reception tables
* Place goodies inside like cookies or candy
* Use as a makeshift vase (see below for more ideas)

Nautical Favors

Who doesn’t love a good snack? These can serve two purposes, the first to look great on your wedding reception tables and the second is to hold some treats for your guests.

A Cool Way to Decorate a Table

Another way to put these boxes to use is to add some small arrangements to them. Fill a small mason jar with a floral arrangement and then place inside. You have an instant centerpiece for your table. For big tables simply bunch a few of them together in the center for a bigger statement.

To get a little more creative add some fisherman’s netting to the center of the table and then place the boxes in the center over the netting! As another option you could use some thick rope and twine it among the boxes as an extra accent.

What do YOU think about these Nautical Wedding Favors?

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