Nautical Theme Favors

Add some lollipop nautical theme favors to your wedding reception to satisfy those with a sweet tooth! If you need something simple and decorative for your wedding tables that lies in the sailor theme then these nautical themed lollipop covers will do the trick.

Nautical Theme Favors
Nautical Theme Favors

Creative Lollipop Nautical Theme Favors

* Place a hand full and arrange in buckets
* Place on individual dinner plates or scatter over tables
* Add to a gift basket or favor bag
* Use lollipops, cookies or brownies

Nautical Theme Favors

These cute nautical favors measure roughly 3″ and are about 1/2″ in height to give you room for a lollipop or other snack of your choice, homemade cookies anyone?

Your friends and family members will certainly appreciate the thought that you put into this sweet little gift and it’s simple to put together too!

What a creative way to display a candy or cookie and it will make your tables really stand out.

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