Nautical Wedding Favor Bag

Do you need a unique nautical wedding favor to decorate your wedding tables at the reception? The sea theme is a fun one and you can choose from the many sea creatures out there as well as ships and boats.

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Cute Seaside Wedding Favor Idea

Nautical Theme Favors
Nautical Wedding Favor

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Making a Nautical Wedding Favor Bag

Here’s what you’ll need:

* Your choice of colored paper bags
* Garden twine
* Round craft punches in two sizes (try 2 inch and 1 inch)
* Red craft paint for painting the lifesaver
* Paintbrush and ruler
* Small hole punch (to tie the twine and tag to bag)
* You choice of trinkets for inside of the bag
* White card stock

Nautical Theme Favors

To begin, take your card stock and then use the largest white craft punch to punch out the circles.

Use the smaller punch to hollow out the center of the “life saver.” Take your ruler and then draw on the lines of the life saver.

Next, use the red paint to fill in the color. Now you have the lifesaver tag and all you need to add is a personalized note to it and stick to your bag.

Fill you goody bag with whatever you want. Some good ideas might be chap stick, band aids, some candies, hand sanitizer, etc.

It can say “emergency kit” but you can really put anything inside. You could also have the personalized note say something else such as “A gift from the Mr. and Mrs.,” or any other special message from the bride and groom.

The great thing about this nautical wedding favor bag is you can really personalize it in any way you’d like, put some small items that you’ve purchased in bulk or just fill it with some snacks like popcorn, peanuts or a few cookies. Yummy!

Nautical Wedding Favor Bag to Beach Favors

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