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Homemade Personalized Cheap Wedding Favors with Chocolate

Are you looking for personalized cheap wedding favors made with chocolate? Please note that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean cheap looking. Throughout this site you will find tons of cheap ideas that you can use to make elegant, homemade wedding favors that are thoughtful, sweet and that look fabulous on tables.

There are so many things you can do with chocolate from making your own candy mold, chocolate covered strawberries or apples and more!

But below you will find a very easy way to create your own unique wedding favor idea using some inexpensive supplies and some woman power.

Personalized Cheap Wedding Favors -Spoon Wedding Favors

Here is how you make some easy spoonful of kisses wedding favors to give to your guests. These are very easy to make and they look elegant sitting on the tables either in the center or perhaps on each dinner plate. Wherever you decide to place them, your guests are bound t really like them because almost everyone loves chocolate!

Personalized Cheap Wedding Favors

You will need:
* Clear plastic spoons
* Plenty of tulle in your wedding color
* Pretty satin, thin ribbon
* Hershey’s kisses
* A printer to print out your personalized message

Start by arranging the two kisses on your plastic spoon. Next, cut a large circle of tulle (it should be able to cover your spoon more than halfway). Next, simply cinch the top of the spoon and use your ribbon to add a little bow if desired.

You can also just let the ribbon hang to the sides. You just need to be sure that your guests will be able to untie it, so don’t knot it too many times. After all, they need to be able to eat your sweet treats right?

Once you have it cinched you will need a name tag. The message can say anything but it will look nice if it says something like above or related to kisses.

Print out your tag in a pretty font and cut them out and punch your hole and add to your favor.

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