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Pumpkin Wedding Favor Decorations and Ideas

Find some pumpkin wedding favor decorations for your big day.  Do you plan on having a pumpkin theme wedding or maybe something during the fall? If you love orange and want to try incorporating this color (or flavor) into your wedding reception during this time then get ready for some fun ideas below.

Pumpkins make perfect wedding favors because they’re beautiful, colorful and can be decorated to suit the occasion. View some favorite pumpkin theme wedding favors and decorating ideas for your wedding reception.


Beautiful Pumpkin Wedding Favor Decorations


Pumpkin Wedding Decorations and Favors


1. Autumn Heart Wreath by Roseflower48

2. Pumpkin Place Cards by Charonel Designs

3. Yummy Pumpkin Cake Pops from Ploctopia


From custom place cards to tasty cake pops, these cuties are just perfect for decorating tables or adding special notes to guests to let them know you’re happy they came for your special day. Don’t let your reception door go bare. Depending on where your venue is, there’s plenty of ways to decorate a bare wall or even a special reception table just for the bride and groom.



Decorative Cookies, Tags and Charms



Pumpkin Theme Wedding Favors


1. Fall Decorated Cookies from Lori’s Place

2. Pumpkin Ornaments from Astashtoys

3. Wine Bottle Decoration from Beadz 2 Pleaz

4. Halloween Favor Tags from Amaretto


Place a tall vase in the center of each reception table and then dangle some pumpkin ornaments from each branch. Add a small tag on each one for guests to take home at the end of the evening. This can work with decorative tags as well, add a thank you note to each one.

Who would have imagined that cookies could be so gorgeous, these will make excellent favors. Place them in treat bags or dessert tables for a lovely fall spread.

You could place a wine bottle on each table and decorate with orange ribbon or some elegant bottle decorations.



Pumpkin Wedding Favors


1. Rustic Wooden Tag from Head Change

2. Tin Pumpkin Labels from My Swedish Farmhouse

3. Polka Dot Pumpkin from Big Bad Collars

4. Autumn Pumpkin Cookies by The Piece De Resistance


Pumpkins also come in white too. Add some black and white pumpkin cookies to your tables as treats. Use a unique pumpkin like the
polka dot pumpkin above as table decoration. You can also combine it with some real ones to make a pretty pumpkin centerpiece that will fit right in with your wedding theme.



More Decorations and Favors



Pumpkin Theme Decorations


1. Soy Pumpkin Pie Candle from Simple Scents By Keisha

2. Rag Wreath by Lush Wreath Works

3. Organic Pumpkin Shaped Soaps by Lavender Rose Gifts



Finally, a pumpkin pie that you can actually have without feeling guilty! While you can’t eat these, they certainly can add a wonderful aroma to your reception. Add some pumpkin pie candles to your tables or use as favors.

How do you plan on decorating your doorway? A wreath can make a wonderful door or table decoration as well. Use mini glow lights stuffed into a hurricane candle holder for a beautiful table decoration.





1. Pumpkin Pillow Boxes from Mother and Daughter Creations

2. Pumpkin Mini Muffins by Jewel of the Lion

3. Autumn Spice Cupcake Soap from AJ Sweet Soap

4. Fall Floral Centerpiece via Southern Living


Pill boxes are a fun and simple way to give your wedding guests a nice trinket and these have a wonderful rustic feeling with the pumpkin design. Fill them with candies or chocolates for a nice surprise. Add some delicious homemade muffins into the mix or use cupcake soap favors as gifts.



Gorgeous Pumpkin Centerpieces in Pink


Pink Pumpkin Wedding Centerpieces


1. Shimmering Pumpkins from Find out how to make them by clicking.

2. Pink Pumpkin Centerpiece from Kara’s Krafty Kreations

3. Pumpkin Seeds via Amazon

4. Martha Stewart Fabric Pumpkins How To


How about the Cinderella theme for your wedding? If you need some inspiration then visit the sites above for some pastel colored pumpkin ideas. I love the idea of pink pumpkin arrangements. You can also use a plush pumpkin above as a centerpiece or even during the wedding to hold the rings!



Pumpkin wedding favor decorations


1. How to Make Pumpkin Cupcakes via Epicurean Mom

2. & 4. Mini Pumpkins and Tea Light Decorations from Paramore Art Works

3. Yummy Looking Cookie Cutter Chocolates from Bombons



Epicurean mom has a great tutorial on making your own fondant pumpkins, these can really come in handy for special theme parties and even a wedding reception.

Putka pods above look just like tiny pumpkins and are perfect for scattering over tables or surrounding a lit candle in a mason jar. Bombons offers cookie cutters filled with delicious chocolate so your guests can eat the chocolate and have a little something they can use later for making their own cookies.






How to Make Your Own Pumpkin Candle Holders


Pumpkin Candle Holders

Use this fun idea to make your own pumpkin candle centerpieces for your party tables. This comes from Kathleen via Twig and Thistle. Click to find out how she made them.

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