Seed Wedding Favors

Add some stars to your country or natural themed wedding with these seed wedding favors.  Are you planning a country western wedding reception or maybe just something that is inspired by nature or the garden?

If you are then these lovely star bird seed ornaments would make wonderful additions to your guests’ reception tables. Add some country or eco-friendly charm to your wedding day and give your guests a gift that they can take home and literally feed the birds with!



seed wedding favors
Birdseed Star Wedding Favors by Nature Favors

There are plenty of ways that you can use these pretty favors for your reception, below are just a few to give you some inspiration to decorate your dream wedding party.


How to Use these Seed Wedding Favors

* Place on tables as gifts for guests at receptions

* Place several in a galvanized bucket by the guestbook for guests to take

* Add some to your dessert table as accents

* Hang from tree branches for outdoor weddings or inside

* Place on chairs for outdoor weddings

seed wedding favors
Get these seed favors

When it comes to decorating for a country inspired or nature/garden theme you can use simple things to help decorate the venue. For instance, take a tree branch and stick it inside a large metal bucket. Make sure it stays in place by adding rocks then use the branch to hang up a few of these ornaments.

A few of these embellished branches can be added to your entrances (sit on pedestals) or place on a few reception tables for ornaments that guests will treasure.

How Would You Use Seeds in Your Wedding Reception?

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