Snowman Wedding Favor Cookie

How about a snowman wedding favor cookie to give away to your guests for your wintry wedding reception? One of the best wedding favor ideas will almost always involve food! This is because guests need something to do while they are sitting at reception tables and chatting.

A cute and whimsical snowman cookie is a great idea when wrapped in a clear cellophane bag and tied with a pretty ribbon that matches your color scheme.

This super cute idea and photo come courtesy of Relatively Reagan. Please visit her site for more instructions/photos and details with even more creative ideas!

Snowman Wedding Favor Cookie
Photo by Relatively Reagan

Snowman Wedding Favor Cookie

* Place in clear bags and tie with ribbon
* Add to your dessert table for wintry charm

These little cookies will go over well with guests that are ready for a little snack either before or after the food is served. Make them ahead of time and have some fun.

How to Make Them

You will need:
* Graham crackers or a cookie of your choice
* White chocolate and pieces of candy bar
* Marshmallows for snowman head
* Black and orange frosting for eyes and nose

First, get out your graham cracker or cookie and place the piece of chocolate on top. Warm up some white chocolate pieces in the microwave in increments of 10 seconds to ensure it will not burn the chocolate.
Once it is a liquid consistency, pour a small amount of it over your chocolate and graham cracker.

Add the marshmallow head to the melted white chocolate to get it to stick. Use the black frosting to frost on the eyes. The Wilton tip # 5 should do the trick. Use the orange frosting for the nose along with tip #65 for the leaf shape/carrot nose.

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